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Got a piece in mind? Missing one earring you really, really liked? I specialize in creating designs to match your specifications.


Here’s what one satisfied customer says:

"Thanks again so much, they are my favorite earrings, and I have even gotten compliments on them!
I really love them, they are actually even better than the originals.”
Claire, Laguna Niguel, California

Browse samples of my work that has been sold - while I can't create an exact replica, I can design a similar piece.

My biggest reward is seeing a person's eyes light up when they put on the piece I created just for them. Rarely do I know who they are before they stop at my booth or order online.

But, time after time, festival after festival, a necklace or pair of earrings calls out to its rightful owner. Here are some of those pieces that have made their way "home." Some are unique and cannot be duplicated. But, if you see a design you like or one that is "sort of, kind of" what you want, I can use it as an inspiration to create a custom piece using your preferences in gems, colors and/or wire. Please contact me for information.

Agate necklace with WWII beads Prehnite Donut - sterling silver wrap Rose quartz with cloisonne necklace Fortune's Wheel - Red Flake Jasper wrapped in copper necklace
During WWII, Hitler ordered bead factories be used for munitions - the artisans hid the beads; these caches were discovered many years later; I purchased these from a woman stationed in Germany. The pink glass beads are cradled in hand-crafted hoops of sterling silver; bought as a gift. "Fortune's Wheel:" A prehnite donut wrapped in sterling silver wire with freshwater pearls. The necklace is made of hand-crafted sterling silver links and freshwater pearls.. A rose quartz cabochon in a handmade sterling silver bezel is strung on a necklace of rose quartz and cloisonne beads with a hand-crafted clasp (not shown). As said above, I can recreate some designs - but not with the same material**. This red flake jasper donut is wrapped in copper with handmade copper links. A gentleman at the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival 2014 saw it and knew it was perfect for his wife. What a thoughtful man!
Tree of Life on turquoise silver necklace Pewter celtic knot customer Azurite wrapped in silver Oyster shell dolphin pendant
A pewter Celtic knot is the focal point for this necklace made of handmade silver links, turquoise nuggets supported by leather lace. The smile says it all... and the necklace fits her look and neckline as if it were custom-designed for her. An azurite gemstone I tumbled with a silver-filled (see What's the difference?) bezel on leather lace. A dolphin from an oyster shell - found in situ on the beaches of Nags Head. It's untouched except to drill a hole in the top.
Cape Cod Sea Marble wrapped in silver-filled wire Chrysocolla pendant with copper frame Zen spiral earrings with Australian jasper> Emerald pendant sterilng silver wrap
Some find sea glass - others sea marbles... this Cape Cod sea marble was either from a ship's ballast or a child's toy. Wrapped in silver-filled wire - I do have a few in other colors available. One of my favorite gems, chrysocolla. This slab was a left-over from a lapidaryist working on fine gems. I made a frame of copper for it - a perfect example of how unique gemstones are Spirals of salvaged copper with dangles of Australian jasper. Another gentleman picked this out just for his wife - and I completed it with a custom necklace to match.

An emerald from the North Carolina mountains, tumbled a bit for polish and wrapped in sterling silver.
Rough turquoise wrapped in copper on recycled guitar string

Hematite on recycled guitar string

Amethyst with silver wrap Ocean Jasper pendant
Rough turuqoise from one of the last Arizona mines, wrapped in copper, strung on a recycled guitar string, accented with handmade copper tubes and turquoise-dyed howlite. A swinging good time – A hematite nugget wrapped in silver-filled wire with hematite and pewter beads -- on a slider made from recycled guitar string! Strings from repairs done at Walt's Guitars and Pro Audio in Fuquay-Varina. Amethyst's calming attributes are always welcome - read more about it and other gems on the Gem Properties page. I polished this one just enough to enhance its rich purple color in a bezel of silver-filled wire; SP chain included, Ocean jasper was found only on the northwest coast of Madagascar and only accessible at low tide. The area is almost depleted with only low-grade stones left. This was among the last pulled in 2011 when mining ceased.

All work guaranteed

If your piece breaks, please return it(with as many pieces as possible), and I will repair or replace it free of charge.

Note: I make a conscious effort to use recycled materials as often as possible as well as made in the U.S.A. The booth I use at festivals is 80% recycled, salvaged or second-hand material. I make a conscious effort to use recycled materials as often as possible as well as made in the U.S.A. The booth I use at festivals is 80% recycled, salvaged or second-hand material. Beads and materials are purchased locally, where available, in support of our area businesses
Metals used: Lead-free pewter, sterling silver, lead-free/nickel-free silver plate and silver-fill wire, pure copper.